License DCR Systems’ World-Class Operating Model

License DCR Systems’ world-class operating model and take advantage of our extensive training and support while you operate the facility yourself.

DCR Systems supplies:

  • our patent-pending operating model
  • facility design/architectural drawings
  • detailed equipment and tooling plan
  • supply chain plan
  • recruiting support
  • ongoing training and people development
  • our unique compensation model
  • on-going support through on-site visits, group meetings, webinars, conference calls and access to all DCR curriculum and improvement initiatives.

The dealership’s responsibility:

  • Provide capital to build.
  • Hire employees.
  • Manage the business on a day-to-day basis.

Working hand-in-hand to further develop and expand on DCR Systems’ process-based production system is AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes, the lead global strategic partner with DCR Systems. Through an exclusive supply agreement, AkzoNobel provides a highly refined portfolio of services to support each DCR Systems location.

Each DCR Systems location also benefits from a strategic research and development relationship with Spray-Tech, which custom engineers refinish equipment optimized for the DCR Systems process.

The combined knowledge and teamwork of DCR Systems, Spray-Tech, and AkzoNobel has resulted in equipment and process that deliver unprecedented speed, quality and consistency in vehicle refinishing.

Complete Your Service Offering with World-Class Accident Repair

To learn more about licensing DCR Systems world-class operating model, call us at 1-888-DCR-9902 or e-mail